Friday, February 26, 2016

Knitting and more knitting

Hello all,
I've been busy knitting and planning new projects. As you can see in the picture I've made a doll project and started another. I'm trying to continue my stash busting and that's why I'm knitting socks (again). Doll pattern is my own and so is the lemon pattern I'm working on. With the doll's head I made the mistake of using m1 increasing and now I have small holes on his head (next time have to make kfb type of increases). My sisters told me that his feet are too big, so next time a bit smaller feet. I'm so glad to more opinions than just my own while knitting and designing new patterns. And I hope to get him ready soon. My smallest brothers wants that I turn him to a ice hockey player, well we see about that. I'm trying to figure out how to knit skates and a helmet.
I've had a great February, of course I'm busy with school. Tests are coming up next week and I'm glad that after that there is only one test to take this spring. 

- Minttusuklaa

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stash busting, right?

I've really tried my best to use my old stash (trust me, I have a quite a lot in my closets), but today after school I happened to pass by a yarn store (probably the best one in Finland) and of coure I had to stop by and you don't have to be psychiatrist to know that when a knitter visits a yarn shop, she will leave the store with new yarn... And not wiht just a skein
Sorry for the crappy picture, it's taken with my phone so the flash is not the best around..

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Spring-is-not-here-yet feelings

Hello all,

I've had an amazing weekend and I hope you've had too. I and my boyfriend went to a Christian youth conference this weekend and it was really great :) Meeting new people and seeing old aquintances and sharing experiences is amazing.
And I had lectures earlier this week so I had time to do some knitting and finally had time to finish my lil bunny. The dress is a bit crazy coloured and with quite springlike colours
. One thing I'e noticed over years of knitting plush toys is that when you finally think that you've learnt to pick right needles to right yarn, something still goes a bit wrong in your gauge and the filling shows and there's nothing you can do about it... But never mind, I think she is still a cutie. The yarn is from Lidl (it is supermarket in Europe, a bit like Tesco in Britain) and was super cheap. I thought it would be pain to knit and look like a mess, but in the end I was surprised how well their cotton yarn works for bunnies.

I've also learn that mobile phones have good apps tp make pics look a bit better and yup, I love experimenting with that while taking pics of handicrafts. You should try that someday :)

- Minttusuklaa

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter and so...

Well, it is totally snowing!!!! :) :) :) and I love it!
There is more than 30cm snow now and I'm so grateful, but beccause it is winter I had to make something that reminds me of summer and this time I crocheted a panda bear. Pattern is my own and still needs some fixes, but all in all I'm quite happy this little panda turned out. I like pandas and well quiten often we (meaning my boyfriend and I) call each other pandas. The reason is that after we've talked on the phone 'til 1am or so and school begins at 8am, you almost look like a panda bear ;)

The books I found from post-xmas sales. The left one is basic instructions to different knitting stitches and on the right is Tilda's Spring (yup, I'm also waiting for spring...). I also found a very good handbook about sewing (my little brother is borrowing that one right one, so it's not in the picture.

For me my Christmastime this year was a time to take a break from social media and TV-watching. You can't imagine how many different ideas or handicraft projects I have now. My patternbooklet got quite many new sketches and I organised my knitting patterns, sewing magazines and so on... So my advise is that if you really feel that your life is stuffed with everything and you think that you can't get anything done, so take a break from TV and start knitting :)


- Minttusuklaa

Friday, January 15, 2016

January fun

Hello all and Happy this year,

My studies began a while ago and I'm very happy to be back to school. My laptop died this week and I havn't bought new one. I've knitted socks and picked up my crochet hook again. It snowed quite a lot this past week and i really enojoy winter now. It is so comfortable to pick up knitting needles and a cup of coffee and start studying in a warm place and just look outside. I really thank God for that.
My other projects are a few books I need to read (besides school) and I found very good books related to knitting and sewing from post Christmas sales.
And I really hope that after my computer dying I might be able to save unpublished patterns from my old cds

- Minttusuklaa

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Coffee cup chart and pattern for frogs clothes

This is an edit for my previuos post as promised :)


Back and front piece are similar. On the front piece the is the coffee cup intarsia.
Make 2
Cast on 15 sts
Rib k1,p1 for 2
Begin the chart with K row and work the chart, every other row is a purl row (in total 19 rows). For back piece just knit st-st for 19 rows.
Next row: k4, [p1,k1] three times, k4
Next row: P4, cast off 7 sts, p4
Next row: K4, turn
Next row: Cast off p-wise 4sts.
Join the yarn to the other shoulder, k4
Next row: Cast off p-wise.

Sew shoulders together and pick up in total 12 sts from both sides of shoulder seam. Beginning with k row, st-st 4 rows. Knit in rib (p1,k1) 2 rows, cast off.

Sew the side seams together and finish off all yarnendings.
I embroidered the text COFFEE underneath the cup.

Cast on 4sts. With g-st knit for about 6 inches/16cm and cast off.

Cast on 8sts with brown yarn.
P1 row.
Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k7] repeat [_] to end
P1 row
Next row: K5, skpo, k3, k2tog, k5
P1 row
Next row: K5, skpo, k1, k2 tog, k5
Beginning with P row st-st 3 rows.

Sew the back seam of shoes and add shoelaces :)

Friday, December 25, 2015

Blessed Christmas-time and... a free frog pattern

Frog pattern

You need:
Green Dk yarn
Knitting needles size 3mm
A bit of white and black yarn
Tapestry needle

So this was a quick project to make and I hope the pattern is ok please tell me if you find any errors :)

Cast on 11sts wiht green yarn
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k5] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k6] repeat [_] to end
Beg with P row st-st 9 rows
Next row: K1, [k2tog, k5] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [k2tog, k4] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [k2tog, k3] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [k2tog, k2] repeat [_] to end
BO. Sew the back seam of the head and fill

Cast on 8 sts with green yarn. Beginning at the bottom
P 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k2] repeat [_] to end
Beg with P row st-st 3 rows.
Next row: K1, [m1,k10] repeat [_] to end
Beg with P row st-st 7 rows
Next: [k2tog, k6] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: [k2tog, k5] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: [k2tog, k4] repeat [_] to end
Cast off.

Sew the back seam of the body from the bottom to neck and stuff. Sew the cast off edge of the body to the cast on edge of the head.

Cast on 4 sts with green yarn.
P 1 row
Next row: Kfb in every st (8sts)
P1 row
Next row: k2, skpo, k1, skp, k1
Next row: p2tog in every st
Next row: Kfb in every st
P1 row
Next row: K1, m1, k4, m1, k1
P1 row
Next row: K2 tog, k4, k2tog
Knit as a cord for about 10 rows or any length you desire. Cast off.

Sew the ”paw” are together. I embroided a vertical stitch between fingers to make them more visible.
Sew arms to the body.

Cast on 7sts with green yarn.
P1 row.
Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k6] repeat [_] to end
P1 row
Next row: K4, skpo, k3, k2tog, k4
P1 row
Next row: K4, skpo, k1, k2 tog, k4
P1 row
Next row: K4, skip 1 st, k2 tog, pass the skipped stitch over, k4
Next row: P2tog, p5, p2tog
K1 row
Knit as a cord for about 10 rows. Cast off.

Sew and stuff the feet and attach legs to the body.

With white yarn cast on 5 sts
P1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end
Beg with P row st-st 3 rows
Next row: [k2tog, k1] repeat [_] to end.
Bind of yarn and sew the back seam of eyes.
Finish eyes with black yarn and attach to the head. Embroider mouth and a teeny tiny nose to your frog and voilĂ , your frog is ready!

- Minttusuklaa

 Ps. You can find the pattern for the shirt and other clothes here